Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton - Ron Chernow




This is my first book review on BookLikes, and I'm happy that it is for Alexander Hamilton. This is a five star book. This is one of those books that you wish would never end, and when it does, you have to sit and absorb everything you just read.


Ron Chernow writes his biography so that it reads almost like a novel. You can really get into Hamilton's story and feel like you know the Founding Fathers and those they interact with. We see how Hamilton had to fight some of the biggest names in American history to get his ideas heard, and how he worked tirelessly to defend the Constitution and keep the Union together.


I learned a lot about the people of this time in history. I was a little surprised to find out how they would attack each other anonymously in the press and how there was talk of some of the states seceding. The politics of the time surprised me as well. I didn't realize that the partisan fighting was so severe. 


After reading everything that Hamilton did for the young country - including his essential work in constructing America's financial system which ensured that the bankrupt country would be able to get credit - I realized how much Hamilton's work has been responsible for the country that America has become.


I highly recommend this book. I'm not at all surprised that this book inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to write his award winning play.